October 04, 2014

New compressor!

Bought a new air compressor today. 5 gallon tank, 1 1/2 HP, and it is capable of 135psi. I was on the lookout for a compressor that was able to inflate the H-rated tires that we installed on the fifthwheel last winter.
I run 120psi in the tires, and the tiny 100psi compressor we had just wouldn't do the job.
This unit was part of a weekly sale, regular price $249, on sale for $99, so I couldn't resist.

I mounted the compressor in the truck bed, next to the generator, and I will protect it from the weather with a vinyl cover. It will run off the generator, so we will be self-sufficient.

The compressor will also run an air impact wrench, making wheel removal easy, and an air grease gun, which will be useful, as I do my own maintenance. I think I will look around for an air/hydraulic jack... anything to make life easier!

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