October 11, 2014

The migration begins!

People are leaving Cedarwood, which officially closes on Wednesday.
We are staying until Friday, and then we will be parking on a relative's property until December 12, when we will begin our trip to California. I have teaching commitments, which at the moment, prevents us from joining the flock of snowbirds heading south. We will probably get a taste of winter before we leave in December, which will remind us what we will be missing after we leave.

These are some pictures of our friends leaving this morning, starting their journey to Florida. 

We will miss Cedarwood and our friends here, but we return next May, and there are warmer places and the excitement of travel in store for us, and friends to reunite with in California.

Here are some Canada Geese on the Cedarwood pond. They are "fattening up" for their trip south, just like most of the residents of Cedarwood.

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