May 06, 2016

Almost in Canada

It is Friday evening, May 6, and we are 45 minutes drive from the US - Canada border. We are wallydocking at a Walmart in Fredonia NY, as we did last night at Anmoor WV. This far north on our route, there are few campgrounds open at this time of the year, and no Passport America parks. Walmart is a great alternative for an overnight stop. We hate paying $40+ for the privilege of parking in a muddy camping resort for a few hours. We use the Allstays Walmart ONP Android app, which lists the stores which may allow overnight RV parking, and also has user reviews of the location.

May 01, 2016

South Carolina

It is May 1, and we are well on our way northbound. We decided to eschew Interstate 75, because of the insane traffic and widespread construction in Florida. Instead, we took I-75 30 miles from Naples to Fort Myers, then turned inland across the peninsula on state highways. We passed just to the north of Lake Okeechobee, then through miles of citrus groves stretching as far as one could see. This is a part of Florida we have never seen; it is off the beaten track.