October 27, 2016

Colder weather

We are still on our original site in Cedarwood. Everyone else has gone, most have departed for warmer places. My teaching contract runs until mid-December, so we have to wait until then.

Snowy, blustery day. Saturday will be 19C (67F)

View from our living room. Lots of empty sites, the remaining rigs are stored here on-site for the winter.
Tomorrow, we will move our rig to a site near the Community Hall in Cedarwood, so that staff can winterize the water system, which is done in stages. It will be a very short trip of about 300 yards. A week later we will leave for Milton Heights Campground west of Toronto, where we will stay until December 14. Milton Heights is one of the very few campgrounds in Ontario which is open year-round.

Next Spring we will be moving to a brand-new site in Cedarwood, which is presently under construction, directly across from our site for the last 5 years. Concrete should be poured within the next few days, and the new sites will be ready for Spring.

Our new site under construction
It will certainly feel good to get on the road again in December after 6 months in one place. This year, we plan on entering the USA at Sarnia-Port Huron, and driving south through Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville and the Natchez Trace Parkway to Jackson MS. We will take I-20 westbound, with a 3 day stopover for the holiday in Jefferson TX, then on to Alpine TX for a 4 day stay in the Big Bend region of southwest Texas. New Years Day we will resume our westbound trip, arriving at Rancho California Resort on January 6.

Our truck and fifthwheel is serviced, inspected and ready to go, with 6 new tires on the truck. I did all the maintenance work myself, before the weather became cold.