September 29, 2016

Traveling time is approaching

Red sky in the morning at Cedarwood. It rained later that day.
Canada Geese have returned to the Cedarwood pond. They return every year in the Fall.
The weather is getting cooler, and darkness falls much earlier now, around 7:00pm. The season at Cedarwood is drawing to a close, and I have been attending to some maintenance tasks before it gets uncomfortably cold.

Wheel bearing maintenance
In the last two weeks, I have performed the annual wheel bearing maintenance, which includes inspection and repacking of the wheel bearings, and brake adjustment. The grease seals were replaced with new ones.

While the wheels were off, I used metal polish and a buffing attachment to polish the aluminum wheels, making them look like new.

I inspected the suspension components, including the springs and shackles, and lubricated the wet spring bolts.

I did a thorough inspection of the roof, caulking any suspicious-looking areas with Dicor rubber roof sealant. I replaced batteries and o-rings on the tire pressure transmitters, and topped off the tires to 120 psi.

Next on the list is our truck. I will be changing the oil, and replacing air, fuel and transmission filters. I will do this work myself, using genuine AC Delco filters ordered online. In two weeks the truck will go for its mandatory annual safety inspection, and I will have the four rear tires replaced to match the front tires which were installed last spring in Florida.

I will be replacing our two house batteries in a few weeks, with two 6 volt golf cart batteries. The original 12 volt RV batteries are almost six years old, and have reached the end of their useful life.

We will be staying at Cedarwood until November 5, then moving to Milton Heights Campground west of Toronto until December 14, when we will begin our sixth cross-country journey. Our rig has been in this spot since May 5, which is the longest time it has remained in one place. Cedarwood will be almost empty by the time we leave. Most people will be leaving on the official end-of-season date of October 16.

It will be great to get on the road again. We are eagerly anticipating the westbound trip this year. We will take the Natchez Trace Parkway from Nashville to Jackson, Mississippi, as we have done the last three years. We will be stopping for a few days at the end of December in Alpine, Texas, which is in the Big Bend area of southwestern Texas. We will be visiting with new fulltiming friends, who stayed next door to us in Cedarwood for a week this summer. Their Texas home base is in Lost Alaskan RV Resort near Alpine. We look forward to exploring this part of Texas, which we have driven through, but never visited, before. The Southwest Texas region is appealing to us because of its lonely spaciousness and vast desert areas interspersed with mountain ranges. Sounds like a great place to spend a few days leading up to New Year's.