We try to limit the daily driving distance so that we are on the road for four or five hours, and we will do two-night stops every couple of days. This allows us to uncouple the tow vehicle, and explore the surrounding area if we want to.

We have sufficient fuel capacity for three days of driving, so we are able to refuel while the tow vehicle is uncoupled. This makes refueling much more convenient than trying to maneuver a 57 foot long rig around a fuel stop.

We will start driving in the early morning, usually by 8:00am. This allows us to be off the road by 1:00pm or so, even allowing for a couple of rest stops. We can then enjoy the remainder of the day in the campground we have chosen. This is particularly important when traveling in December, because nightfall arrives around 5:00pm. Pulling into a campground is a more relaxed experience during daylight hours.

This traveling routine makes for a relaxing journey, which seems more like a series of day trips than a long marathon. We arrive at our destination relaxed.

We use Passport America campgrounds wherever possible, while traveling. We don't like to pay $30 to $50 or more per night, just for utility hookups overnight and a place to sleep. Passport America parks are 50% discount from the regular price, and the annual membership is $44. The website, or the IOS and Android apps, have interactive maps of locations in all states and Canada. We save many hundreds of dollars per year by using this system, and we have never found a PA park that we wouldn't return to.


Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Passport America - Discount Camping Club




  1. I am interested in what you do for communications (cell phone and Internet). We are Canadian snowbird full timers as well and solutions I have found online are tailored to Americans. Also wondering about what you do for TV. Love what you've done with the fridge. Can't justify it yet though as ours hasn't broken down yet. It keeps frozen yoghurt cold but not the ice cream!

    1. We purchased AT&T SIM cards for our Rogers smartphone, and use a $55 pay as you go plan, which gives unlimited talk and text (including to Canada), and 5GB data. We have a Verizon hotspot which has a flex rate data plan. We use about 15GB per month when on the road. Our Rogers accounts are suspended while we are away, for $5 per month per line.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. We download all our TV and store it on a 3TB hard drive, and play back through two Western Digital media boxes ($100 at BestBuy) .

  2. how were you able to get your Verizon hot spot without a u.s. address


    1. I opened the account in Florida 8 years ago at a Verizon store. I have a UPS address that I keep in the US. They set me up with a "universal" social security number. I pay the bills online, paperless billing.