May 01, 2018


We have been living in our rig since May 2011. That was the year we sold our home and adopted the RV lifestyle fulltime.

We currently spend the summer and fall in Cedarwood, which is a luxury RV park attached to Barrie North KOA, in Craighurst, Ontario. Many people in Cedarwood are fulltimers like us.

In December, we leave Ontario and travel to Southern California. We take three or four weeks for the trip, and arrive at the beginning of January.

We stay in Southern California for two or three months, enjoying the warm climate.

At the beginning of April, we start our return trip across the country, usually stopping in Northwest Florida for a week, and arrive at Cedarwood four weeks later at the beginning of May. In a typical year, we travel over 9000 miles (14,400 KM) in our RV.

Typical return trip, stopping in Florida. On this trip in 2016, we went to Naples.

One of our sites in Californaa

We have made this trip 7 times so far. We fell in love with Southern California as a winter destination. The area where we stay is "high desert", and for us, the climate is perfect. Daytime high temperatures in the winter average 75 deg F (23C), and it is almost always dry, with a bright, cloudless sky most days. We are 1 hour from the Pacific Ocean, and 1 hour from the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs) in the other direction. We are 20 minutes from the city of Temecula, which is a modern, clean city with a population of about 140,000.

We find the overwhelming majority of people we meet in our travels across the USA, to be warm, welcoming and friendly, and they usually love to engage in conversation about Canada, and our lifestyle.

During the two months when we are actually traveling, our "backyard" view constantly changes. We intersperse the days on the road with two or three day stays at interesting locations. The journey feels like a series of short day trips, rather than a long, grueling odyssey.

For us, this lifestyle has been extremely rewarding, after seven years. We wouldn't trade it for anything!

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