November 19, 2014

Taste of winter

We have been having some unseasonably wintry weather here in Sutton, Ontario. Last night the temperature dropped to -11C (12F), and the daytime temperatures are staying below freezing.

 The winds yesterday and last night were 40mph from the northwest, which resulted in heavy snow squalls from the relatively warm water of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. We received about 4 inches of snow, and Barrie, where I teach, received much more. The College is closed today, so I get a day off.

We are warm and cozy, but we are obviously using a lot of propane to maintain a comfortable inside temperature of 21C (70F). All systems are functioning normally, as long as we keep water in our tank. It is not practical in these temperatures to be connected to a water supply, so I fill the 82 gallon tank, and blow out the hose after filling, with my compressor.

Here are a few pictures taken this morning. 

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