April 12, 2016

Into Texas

We have done about 1000 miles since leaving Rancho
After a one-night stop at Las Cruces, we got on the road and headed east through the city of El Paso. I usually get fuel when the truck is uncoupled from the fifthwheel, but today I made an exception, pulled into a Flying J and topped off with diesel at 1.69 per gallon. I had sufficient fuel to get to our next stop, but not enough to get to the Hill Country, where we will stay for at least 2 days. Flying J are easy in and out, with lots of room to maneuver the rig.

Filling the auxiliary tank at $1.69 per gallon
We continued on I-10 east, and up into the Sierra Blanca mountains, ascending into the low clouds. Remarkably, we passed some cyclists riding along the shoulder of the Interstate, which is apparently legal in this part of the world. There were two older couples riding tandems, and two more cyclists on regular bikes, laden with camping gear. Keep in mind, this is miles from any civilization. I admire their spirit!

We passed through the usual Border Patrol checkpoint at Sierra Blanca. This is located where I-10 turns away from the Mexico border, and we were asked for our passports. The process took about 30 seconds, and we were moving again.

Border patrol checkpoint
We continued on to a favorite overnight stop at Balmorhea, TX, Saddleback Mountain RV Park. It is no longer Passport America affiliated, but even at the full price of $20 it is great value, with full hookups, 50 amp power, and huge pullthrough sites. Tomorrow, on to Pipe Creek, which is near Boerne, TX in the Hill Country.

Photography courtesy of the adorable Navigator


  1. I love it here Dave....I always love the natural environment of this RV park...I'm happy we stopped here again.

  2. Sounds like your moving along nicely. Good price for diesel; I think the best price I had for diesel was around $1.83 Gal. Cheers, Terry

  3. Your Mercedes was sipping fuel at 40+ mpg, we're gobbling it at 10.5 mpg. That makes up for the $0.14 difference!

    But, we get to sleep in our own bed every night!