October 19, 2014

Moved to Sutton (pictures updated!)

We  moved out of Cedarwood on Friday, and drove the rig to Keswick, ON, where we parked at Walmart overnight. Early Saturday morning, we arrived at our son's house, and executed the trickiest backing maneuver I've ever done.

With the expert assistance of Denise and our son, I backed the rig into the driveway between the two antique stone pillars at the entrance, and back down the driveway to our parking spot for the next eight weeks, with a view of the river out our living room window.

The next time we move, we will be on our way to California, and my teaching commitments will be over until next May.

Leaving Cedarwood
Wallydocking in Keswick
The dreaded stone pillar obstacle
Fall colours
Piper the Dog...."What is this?"
Finally parked, until December 12
View of the Black River from our living room


  1. It looks practically impossible to back your huge rig through those 200 year old stone pillars designed for a horse and carriage. I guess you had somebody on the walkie talkies to guide you in.... And an expert driver at the controls.

    1. I couldn't find any expert drivers, so I had to drive it myself!