May 03, 2015

Leaving the USA

On Saturday we crossed the border at Port Huron, MI to Sarnia, ON.
We encountered a very friendly border guard who asked us the usual questions about alcohol, tobacco, etc, then chatted with us for a few minutes about our trip, and wished us a safe journey. We stayed at Sarnia Walmart on Saturday night.
Rest stop in Michigan
GM Flint Assembly, birthplace of our truck
Approaching the international bridge in Port Huron
Crossing the bridge, right at the international border
St. Clair River to the south, Lake Huron to the north.
It felt strange at first to be back in the land of kilometers and coloured money, but we will quickly get accustomed to it again. Actually, with the exception of Tim Hortons coffee shops, the area around the Sarnia Walmart looked exactly like many others we have seen during our trip.
We are parked in Sutton, ON tonight, visiting our son and picking up our car, which had a nice long sleep over the winter. We do the one hour drive to Cedarwood tomorrow morning, and settle in for the summer.
Watch for a post in the next couple of days, reflecting on the fabulous trip this past winter, the best and most enjoyable yet.

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