November 15, 2015

Our home until December

We left Cedarwood on October 22, and we are now parked on a cottage property on the shore of Georgian Bay, which is a large, scenic body of water attached to Lake Huron.

The owner of the cottage does not use the property after Canadian Thanksgiving, and very kindly consented to us parking on the property until we leave for California.

It is very quiet and tranquil, as most of the neighbouring property owners have closed up and left until next Spring. So far, unusually mild weather is staying around, with temperatures remaining well above freezing. Obviously, this will not last, but we are prepared for some cold weather. We have been in our rig in temperatures down to 0 deg.F (-18 deg.C), and experienced no water system issues.

We are hooked up to a 30 amp electrical supply from the cottage, and we are obtaining our water supply from Georgian Bay. The lake water is clear and clean, and I am running it through a 30 micron filter to remove any particles. We use the water for bathing, dishwashing and laundry, and purchase bottled water for drinking.

 I am using a 1/3hp submersible utility pump 40 feet out in the lake, which pumps through the filter and fills our onboard 82 gallon water tank. I add a couple of ounces of chlorine bleach every fill, to prevent bacteria growth in the tank. After filling, the water in the plastic line drains by gravity back into the lake, so the system should be usable in freezing temperatures.

We are disposing of our wastewater directly into the cottage septic tank system, using a "Blue Boy" portable tank, about once per week. I installed a temporary 4 inch PVC connection to make dumping easy and spill-free.

 It is a great area to spend a few weeks. We are 10 miles from Penetanguishene, which is an historic town of 10,000 population at the end of Penetanguishene Harbour. During the season, this area is famous for having probably the best freshwater boating in the world. Our son lives very close by, and it is great to see him regularly. He is himself a boater in this area; he owns a 30 foot flybridge cruiser.

One of the things we really enjoy about our RV lifestyle, is that the view from our windows changes regularly. Once we are set up in a new location, we can look around and experience the interesting things the area has to offer. We particularly like trying new coffee shops, tea houses and restaurants. 

Just over four weeks from now, California Here We Come!

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