January 23, 2016

Rancho California Resort

Here are some pictures of our resort, which is our home for three months in the winter, as it has been for the last four years. We keep returning here every year, and it has become a "second home" for us. We have become familiar with the surrounding area, and when we return each year, we actually feel like we are coming home. We meet people who remember us from the previous winter, and meet our good friends from British Columbia, who also return here every winter.

Each lot in the resort is privately-owned, and some owners live here year-round, like our good friend who was our neighbor for four years when we rented the lot across the lake.

It is a beautiful, serene place to spend the winter. The grass is quite brown this year, which may be because of the water conservation measures introduced last summer in California. Drought conditions seem to be at an end now, because of the current El Nino. The grass is presently in a dormant phase; it will start growing and become greener as we get into March. Remember, this is mid-winter.

We took a ride around the resort on the golf cart, and I took a few pictures.

Entrance gate. There is 24 hour security.

The store and restaurant, which hopefully will reopen in the near future.

View across the big lake. We rented one of the lots on the other side for the first four winters we were here.

Tucson Street

Path leading to the golf course

Our lot this winter

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