January 16, 2016

Washing and waxing

Our Pinnacle was very dirty when we arrived at Rancho. Usually, we take the rig through a Blue Beacon Truck Wash on route, but this year the weather was so wet that we didn't do that. As a result, we pulled into Rancho with the truck and fifthwheel in a sorry state, which is somewhat embarrassing because the resort is full of gleaming RVs.

After some discussion, we decided to engage the services of Watmex RV Detailing to perform a full wash and wax on the fifthwheel. This is a mobile service that does a lot of work in the resort, and has a good reputation. The price for the complete service, which included washing the rubber roof, was $260, using a top-quality wax by Autoglym. This wax is good for up to a year.

Last year I waxed the rig myself, and it took me several days, and resulted in sore arms and shoulders from the effort. This year I am a year older, so we decided it was worth the expense.

Watmex showed up in the morning, and a crew of six hard-working employees started work. Three hours later, our RV looked better than it did the day we picked it up at the dealer, almost five years ago. It literally looks brand new! Full-body paint with clearcoat was certainly worth the extra when we placed the original order.

Watmex is owned by a very friendly man called Hector, who I believe originally came from Guatemala. He personally supervises his crew to ensure that the standard is kept high. We are impressed with the service, and will certainly use them again.
Our windows are clean again! Looking out from our living room.

Notice the man on the roof.

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