April 19, 2016

Close to Florida

We are making great progress on our relentless eastbound journey. So far it has been really enjoyable. The secret is to limit the daily distance, and make two-day stops some of the time
We had a nice two-day stop near Hammond LA, which is near the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain, across the lake from New Orleans.
Quiet Oaks RV Park lived up to its name, it was quiet and tranquil. The park was flooded six weeks ago, to the extent that the entire property was under 8 feet of water, when the river overflowed its banks. We were told that it was the worst flood since 1984. They were in the process of renovating the office building, which was flooded with 4 feet of water, and the cottages, which were inundated with 3 feet of water (they are elevated on pilings, but not high enough).

The floodwater was a third of the way up the walls of this cottage. It is being
renovated, along with the other buildings in the park

Our site. No frills, but good 50 amp power, water and sewer.
Most importantly, it is quiet. No traffic noise, no railway noise. 
We enjoy these country parks for on-route stops. They are usually peaceful and quiet, and the staff are almost always very friendly and helpful.

We went into Hammond on our stopover day, went out to lunch (Cajun seafood), and purchased fuel. While the truck is disconnected from the fifthwheel, we can save $0.40 per gallon over the prices at the Interstate service centers. We bought 68 gallons of diesel, so the savings are significant.

Diesel price at the Interstate services was $2.21 per gallon, here it was $1.83.
The next day we had a short drive of 142 miles to our next stop, Payne's RV Park in Theodore AL. We stayed here last year on the way eastbound, and enjoyed the park. It is an older, family-owned park in a rural setting, with lots of domesticated creatures roaming around. It is, of course, Passport America affiliated.

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