April 16, 2016

Wildflowers, Schnitzel and a tire puncture

Almost across Texas!
Three days were spent in the Texas Hill Country. We stayed at Cowboy Capital RV Park in Pipe Creek, about 15 miles from Boerne. The cost of our stay was $44, and it was a positive experience. Gerhard, the owner, greeted us warmly upon our arrival, and escorted us to a large pullthrough site. The park is very rural and has that "back to nature" look, but the utilities were good, and it was quiet and peaceful.

The Navigator among the wildflower blossoms. Our beloved I-10 is in the background
We went wildflower hunting on Friday. Texas is known for its wildflowers in the spring, and the Hill Country was a breathtaking riot of color. We took a drive on the country roads from Boerne, through the villages of Waring and Sisterdale, then ended up back in Boerne on River Road, for a schnitzel lunch at Little Gretel's, one of our favourite restaurants.

This probably hasn't changed much since the 1950's

We left the Hill Country on Saturday morning, and passed through San Antonio on our way to Houston, along I-10. Halfway to Houston, I noticed a peculiar humming or droning noise, which was not there before, and pulled over at a rest area to investigate. I discovered that the inner dually tire on the driver side of the truck was completely deflated. The load was carried by the outer tire of the pair, so nothing drastic happened, just a change in the character of the road noise. I proceeded to change the tire, replacing it with the spare, and found a screw through the tread of the tire. I carry an impact wrench, torque wrench, and hydraulic jack, so it didn't take long to change the wheel.

Photographs courtesy of the indispensable Navigator

Inner rear tire


  1. Quite the adventure so far You're like me, I can hear right away if my car is making a strange sound. Good thing you got the spare on. Can the damaged Tire be repaired?

    1. It can probably be repaired. It didn't run flat with the load on it, because the other tire carried the weight. I was more concerned about the 4500lbs load which was being carried by the good tire when the other one went flat, but it seems to be okay after 200 miles. I will get it plugged and keep it for a spare. I am buying new tires before next trip anyway, probably in the Fall.

  2. wow, good you noticed it right away.