April 16, 2015

Drive to Freeport, FL

Payne's RV Park in Theodore, Alabama turned out to be one of the quietest, most peaceful overnight stops we have ever stayed at.
It was so quiet at night you could hear the proverbial "pin drop". That is, it was quiet until about 6:00am, when we were awakened by the rooster greeting the dawn. We didn't mind, it is much nicer being awakened in this manner, than by an alarm clock.
We decided to stay until late morning, have a leisurely breakfast cooked on the camp stove, and enjoy the sights of the ducks, chickens and cats. The black cat shown below, reminded us of our beloved cat Susie, who was part of our family for 18 years. We will certainly add this park to our Passport America Favorites List, and we will stay here again when we pass through the Mobile, Alabama area.
I wonder what happened to the rest of this motorhome?
We finally got on the road, and headed east on I-10 through the city of Mobile, passing through the downtown tunnel, then the Mobile Bay bridge. Before long, we crossed the state line into Florida. Temperature was a very humid 82F.
"On the road" pictures courtesy of The Navigator
The light at the end of the tunnel
We arrived at Live Oak Landing resort at 2:30pm, and checked in to the site we reserved last January. It is Site 61, which we were lucky to get, as it is much sought after because it has a lot of space between it and adjacent sites.
We are here in Florida for 10 days. I will post an article about Live Oak Landing tomorrow. We have stayed here several times, and it has an interesting background.

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