April 03, 2015

Yuma, AZ

We left Rancho California resort at 9:30am PDT this morning, and arrived in Yuma, AZ at 1:00pm MST.
Actual driving time was just under 4 hours. Although we went from Pacific Time Zone to Mountain Time Zone, there was no time change, because Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time.
Your intrepid blogger doing the final walk around before hitting the road

The first part of the drive was on two-lane state highways, and we passed through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The scenery was beautiful high desert and mountains. We continued south through the Imperial Valley, which is a major agricultural region. There are lush green fields of vegetables stretching as far as the eye can see. The Valley was desert until about 1905, when the canals were completed to irrigate the land using water diverted from the Colorado River at Yuma. This is how the Salton Sea was created, quite by accident, but that is another story!

We joined Interstate 8 at El Centro, and it was an easy drive from there to Yuma. We are staying at Desert Sands RV Park, which is a great overnight stop for $18 Passport America rate. Temperature as I write this is 31C or 88F. We will leave the truck connected to the RV, as we don't need to drive anywhere; we will just relax!

Tomorrow morning we leave for Benson, AZ.


  1. You made excellent time. Yuma looks just like I remembered...hot ,dry windy and bleak. Not a lot of foliage around the rig. Enjoy your chili...no work for supper tonight.

  2. Actually had BBQ Lamb Chops tonight! At least, I did. Denise had salad.