April 15, 2015

Theodore, AL

We left New Orleans at 11am today, after walking into the French Quarter for a hearty Cajun breakfast at the Oceana Grill, the place we went for lunch yesterday. It wasn't raining this morning.

We got onto I-10 west, and went six miles to Causeway Boulevard, which leads to the Pontchartrain Causeway, the longest continuous bridge over water in the world. Tolls are collected only in the southbound direction, so we got a free trip this time. It was a strange feeling, knowing that at the halfway point, we were 12 miles from the nearest land.

There are no shoulders to pull onto in the event of a breakdown, but there are six crossovers which join the northbound and southbound spans. These are about three miles apart, and at two of the crossovers there are towtrucks on permanent standby to remove breakdown vehicles from the travel lanes.

After the causeway, we took I-12 eastbound to Slidell, where it merges into I-10. We drove through an absolutely torrential downpour just east of the Mississippi state line. The rain was so heavy that traffic was slowed to 30mph or less.

Mississippi state line
Heavy rain on I-10

We soon arrived at our destination for the day, Payne's RV Park near Theodore, Alabama. This is a very quiet and peaceful park in a pastoral setting, complete with free-range chickens and a rooster, Muscovy ducks, and a couple of friendly wandering cats. The park owners are very friendly and we were greeted warmly on arrival.

Muscovy duck
Inquisitive young cat


Tomorrow is the last leg of our journey to Florida. It is a three-hour drive of 160 miles through Mobile and Pensacola. We will remain in Florida at Live Oak Landing for 10 days, until April 26.



  1. You have had quite a trip, probably ready to settle down again for your 10 days. Today we were contacted by our daughters boss who wants to buy our motor home, isn't that always the way, because now of course we don't want to sell it. Tell Denise we went to the Italian restaurant beside the Cuban place for lunch, it was good but not as good as our favorite in Carlsbad. We did go for a sol latte and coconut flan after buying another cigar box. I know such a hectic pace of life here in Southern California, that will all change on Sunday when our friends arrive. Have fun relaxing in Florida.☀️����

    1. It's been a great relaxing trip so far, despite the very heavy rain. We will be glad to settle down in Florida for 10 days tomorrow. I miss the perfect weather in California so much...I took that sunshine for granted. I don't think anyone has any idea how much I love it there. I'm so looking forward to next year already and dreaming of the perfect outdoor living when we arrive.