April 08, 2015

Boerne, TX

It was an uneventful 335 mile journey from Balmorhea to Boerne (pronounced "Bernie"). The Navigator drove for the first 120 miles.

Texas is a very big state....it is 853 miles (1365 km) from El Paso in the West, along I-10 to the TX-LA state line in the east.
We arrived at Top of the Hill RV Resort at 3:30pm, and we are staying here for three days for a nice break from driving. We are parked in a large pullthrough site. Cost for the three day stay is $75. This includes two days at Passport America and one day at regular price. There is a two day maximum for PA.
Site 58 at Top of the Hill RV Resort

Boerne is a nice town 40 miles from San Antonio, and it is a great stop for a few days. We were here at Christmas on our trip west 4 months ago. Watch for a post about Boerne in the next couple of days.


  1. Now that's more like it. Love the tree and grass😄

  2. Everything is green here in the Texas Hill Country. We haven't seen green like this since last year!
    I miss the desert, though, and the huge expanses of open space. As we get into the eastern half of the country, everything seems a lot more crowded together.