April 21, 2015

Santa Rosa Beach

It is Tuesday, and finally, we awakened to sunshine. The weather today was wonderful; bright and sunny, almost no wind, 75 degrees, and lower humidity. Perfect beach weather!

The coastline here in South Walton County is very accessible to the public, with beach access points provided every mile or so. These beach accesses have a parking lot, washrooms, and a wide wooden walkway over the sand dunes to the beach. The walkways are provided with wheelchair ramps wherever there are stairs. It is actually against the law to walk on the dunes; the dune grass is very fragile, and the grass is necessary for the sand to be retained during a hurricane.

Walkway over the dunes
City of Destin in the distance
The brown stuff on the sand is seaweed, left by the tide

We took our chairs and sat on the beach for a couple of hours. There is something extremely relaxing, and good for the soul, listening to the ocean sounds of surf and seabirds. The sand at this part of the Florida coast is almost white, and a good pair of sunglasses is essential.

Your Blogger, back at the RV park
Another view of our RV site, showing the Jasmine bush

The river running through the RV park



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  1. Looks fantastic, my sunglasses will be packed and ready๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž