April 10, 2015

Boerne to Houston

We just spent three nights at Top of the Hill RV Resort, and tomorrow morning we leave for Katy, TX, which is a western suburb of Houston.
We will drive through San Antonio early Saturday morning, which is a good time to do it. We will stay overnight at Westlake RV Resort in Katy on Saturday, and leave early Sunday morning to go through Houston. In our experience, Houston, along with Toronto, has the worst traffic of the cities we have travelled through in the last twenty years. We have found that early Sunday morning is the optimum time to pass through.
The last couple of days we have really noticed a return to the high humidity of the Gulf Coast and the Southeast. After four months in the dry Southwestern desert climate, it feels strange, and somewhat uncomfortable. Yesterday was 86F, and very humid. We are thankful for air conditioning.

We saw an interesting tow rig in Las Cruces a few days ago. It is a "singled" Volvo heavy-duty highway tractor, and it was pulling a Mobile Suites fifthwheel. The term "singled" means that one of the drive axles has been removed from the tractor, and probably the frame was shortened. The thing that caught my eye was the Smart Car loaded behind the sleeper cab. There was a retractable ramp and power winch arrangement to load and unload the car. Smart cars are about 100 inches long, so they can be legally carried transversely without exceeding the 102 inches maximum width regulation.

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  1. Excellent planning makes for a very enjoyable and stress free trip, that's what I lloke about you my friend, among other things.