April 13, 2015

Robert, LA

We are taking it easy in the Yogi Bear Camping Resort near Robert, LA, which is about one hour's drive from New Orleans French Quarter.
This is an older campground, and we have a pullthrough site for $16.50 Passport America rate. There is lots of standing water, due to the last three days of constant heavy downpours. It is 80F, and very humid, but nice and cool inside the rig courtesy of two AC units and a 50 amp hookup.
On the way through Louisiana, we were interested in the many signs advertising "The World's Best Boudin and Cracklins". I did a bit of research, and this is what I found......
Boudin is a spicy sausage made from pork, with lots of fat, and hot pepper pieces. It is loosely packed, so when it is cut, the contents spill onto the plate. Sounds delicious, but it probably does not fall into the category of a healthy food. It could be the Cajun version of a haggis.
Cracklins are fried pork fat, preferably with some skin attached. This also sounds delicious, but in the interest of a long healthy retirement, I will pass it by.
We will leave tomorrow morning for a short drive to the French Quarter RV Resort, located two blocks from the French Quarter in New Orleans. We will arrive at noon, and spend the rest of the day and evening exploring the district. We were last here in 2003, before Hurricane Katrina, and we have pleasant memories of our stay. We will take the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, which at almost 24 miles long, is the world's longest continuous bridge over a body of water.
French Quarter RV Resort is a luxury resort, and the regular rate is $96 per night, except for special events, when the rate increases to $150. We are staying for one night at $48 Passport America rate, which at this resort is a one night maximum.

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  1. Have fun, find some cool places to eat and visit, so looking forward to being there with you next year.