April 11, 2015

Katy, TX

We arrived in Katy, which is a suburb of Houston, at 1:00pm. The park is called Westlake RV Resort, and it is surprisingly nice for a city park.
It is all concrete pads and roadways, no gravel, very clean, and the office personnel greeted us warmly and made us feel very welcome. Regular rate is $55 per night, and we used Passport America and got a 50% discount for $27.50.
The weather is cloudy and dull, 75F, looks like rain, but no matter, as we aren't going anywhere, just relaxing. We will leave at 8:00am tomorrow (Sunday) and get through Houston while it is quiet.
We stopped and had breakfast today at a great rest area just east of San Antonio on I-10. The truck/RV parking area had a dedicated section for RVs, which was away from the commercial truck area. The whole rest area was nicely landscaped.
Of general interest to RVers, here is a picture of a water hose Y-connection that was at the inlet to our water softener, for 3 months in California. The water is very hard, and untreated water was passing through the connection. It really demonstrates the need for a water softener, to prevent this kind of damage to the piping and fixtures in the RV.
Our water softener

Tomorrow we drive to a small campground in Louisiana, east of Lake Charles, for an overnight stop.

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